MATH 316: Complex Analysis
Fall 2010
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Fritz Hörmann
Office ours:Wednesday 11-12, Thursday 11-12
Tel:(514) 398-2998

Course information

Time:Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:35 AM - 10:25 AM
Location:Burnside Hall 1B39
Dates:Sep 01, 2010 - Dec 03, 2010

There will be a mid-term and final exam, as well as weekly exercises. The final grading will be based on the exercises (20 %), mid-term exam (20 %) and final exam (60 %).

Solutions to the midterm exam:
midterm exam

The final exam will be on December 10, 9:00 AM.


Hand in onExerciseSolutions
Wed, Sep 15Sheet 1Solutions 1
Mon, Sep 20Sheet 2Solutions 2
Mon, Sep 27Sheet 3Solutions 3
Mon, Oct 4Sheet 4 
Wed, Oct 13Sheet 5 
 No assignment this weekbecause of mid-term exam
Wed, Nov 3Sheet 6Solutions 6
Wed, Nov 10Sheet 7Solutions 7
Fri, Nov 19Sheet 8Solutions 8
Fri, Nov 26Sheet 9Solutions 9

Exercises are usually to be handed in on Wednesdays.



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    New version available at:


  1. Freitag, Eberhard; Busam, Rolf; Complex analysis. Second edition. Universitext. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2009. x+532 pp. ISBN: 978-3-540-93982-5
    Available as ebook:
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Overview and complex numbers

Motivation and definition of complex numbers, comparison of real and complex analysis, overview of the course, some properties of complex numbers: complex conjugation, norm, polar coordinates, roots, ...

Holomorphic functions

Möbius transformations, Riemann sphere, half plane and unit disc, topology of C, continuity, complex differentiability, holomorphy, Cauchy-Riemann differential equations

Download a visualization of Möbius transformations: download

A nice animation: Möbius Transformations Revealed

Sequences and series

Convergence, power series, convergence radius, differentiability

Complex integration

Path integral, fundamental properties of holomorphic functions (Cauchy's and Morera's theorem, etc.), Cauchy integral formula, Lioville's theorem, fundamental theorem of algebra


Elementary domains, connectedness, path connectedness, starlike regions, identity theorem, open mapping theorem, maximum principle, Schwarz lemma, Schwarz-Pick theorem

Families of holomorphic functions

Uniform and compact convergence, Weierstrass theorem, Laurent series

Singularities and Residues

Singularities, Riemann's theorem on removable singularities, Casorati-Weierstrass theorem, meromorphic functions, winding number, residue theorem, applications, Rouche theorem

Construction of meromorphic functions

Mittag-Leffler theorem, Weierstrass products, product expansion of sine, gamma function

Conformal mappings

Riemann mapping theorem, the group of conformal mappings

Domains II

If time is left --- fundamental group, simple connectedness, analytic continuation, coverings


If time is left --- either elliptic functions, modular forms, or Riemann zeta function and prime number theorem


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