PD Dr. Fritz Hörmann

Mathematisches Institut
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Mitglied im Graduiertenkolleg/Member of the Graduiertenkolleg Cohomological Methods in Geometry


Recently I developed an algorithm to render fractal images, especially of the Mandelbrot set and its associated Julia sets. It is supposed to be very fast, rendering also very complex and extremely zoomed pictures in "4K retina resolution" in real time. It has in principle no restriction on the zoom level, bounded only by memory limits.

More information...

The Retinamandelbrot App for iOS is now available for beta-testing: http://www.retinamandelbrot.com/. Apps for MacOS and Android will (hopefully) follow in the near future.

The link below leads to some example images up to a zoom level of 106900.

Slideshow with example images

ZIP-file with more and uncompressed images (ca. 1.74 GB): retinamandelbrot.zip